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Image by J. Kelly Brito


This interactive workshop will explore Zoom games and activities that foster engagement, provide a sense of community, and leave your learners looking forward to more.  

Workshop highlights include:

  • How to use Zoom effectively in a classroom setting  

  • Using Breakout Rooms to engage all types of learners

  • Icebreakers and activities that spark imagination 

  • How to create a space for participants to connect and laugh with each other

You'll learn directly with Mallory Penney and Reggie Harris of ​Better Together Labs​. In addition to her work with Better Together Labs, Mallory Penney is a teacher and program coordinator with Tomorrow Youth Repertory in Alameda. Mallory has been key in helping quickly pivot their 17 sections of classes from in-person to online teaching. A key learning from this process was understanding how to engage students in very different ways from how we would in person. As a part of Better Together Labs, Mallory Penney and Reggie Harris are excited to share with you the keys to online teaching success.

Come experience this workshop by participating in activities as students would! We will also brainstorm and reflect with your colleagues about applying these activities and strategies to your own classes.

Demand for this workshop is high and the calendar is quickly filling. Schedule a consultation soon to guarantee a time slot for your session.

About Better Together Labs:

Mallory Penney​ is a proud alumna of Alameda Unified School District, is passionate about youth education, and has been an educator for the past 8 years. Since the start of quarantine, she has been working closely with educators around the world to help them enhance their online teaching skills. Mallory is a member of the Applied Improvisation Network and holds a B.A. in Theater and Performance Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.

Reggie Harris​ has held key positions at prominent Silicon Valley companies, including Google and Dropbox, and has provided his skills for a number of nonprofits. He has taught English language learners both in the US and abroad. Reggie has a degree in Computer Science with honors from Harvard University where he also obtained both the Certificate in Advanced Study in Chinese language and culture along with advanced study in the Spanish language. His work is heavily influenced by the philosophies and techniques of improvisation.

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