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Objective: This is a great way to build deeper connections in the group. Sharing stories and memories are powerful ways to build relationships. 


  1. A word (an object, a person, a concept, etc.) is suggested. If participants are on Zoom in breakout rooms, the facilitator can broadcast this suggestion to all the breakout rooms.

  2. If a memory/story emerges from that word for someone in the group, they share the memory/story with the group. If you’re playing older youth/adults, you can suggest that they start by repeating the word and following that with “That takes me to…”. Try to keep this to no more than 30 seconds.

  3. Once the person has finished sharing their memory/story, they will think of another word, usually inspired by their story, and suggest it out loud to the group.

    1. For instance: “ mother and I loved going to that ice cream shop. Those were some of the happiest times from my childhood.” Then they would conclude by naming a new word like “Vanilla”, or “Ice Cream”, or “Mother”, “Childhood”, etc.

  4. Repeat from step 2.


Objective: Great full group activity. Fun to see us all moving together and being connected. 

  1. Start by doing motions with my hands and ask your participants to mirror what you are doing. Have fun with this! Try it with only your hand in the frame or experiment with entering the camera frame from below or from the side. ​

  2. At some point the leader will say “follow the follower” and instruct participants to choose someone else on the screen to follow. Encourage your participants to switch up who they are looking at and following from time to time. Remind participants that nobody is leading, and that we are all following the follower. 


Objective: Develop “group mind”. Reading the room, being present with each other. 


  1. The group will be counting one person at a time in a random order starting with 1.

  2. Whenever two people two people say the same number at the same time, the group resets and starts back at 1.

  3. The facilitator can state that the group is trying to attain a specific goal, like reaching the number 10. They can also make the goal to reach as high a number as possible.


Notes: This game is a great closing activity for a session. It can be done repeatedly throughout the class term. It’s fascinating to see how much higher the group is able to get over time. It’s a wonderful way to observe the group mind that they are developing and how much more connected they are getting with each other as they get better at counting. Just keep in mind that they may not be really great at this at first, and that’s fine too!

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