Connecting in a Time of Disconnection


The times of late have left us more distant -- not only physically but also interpersonally. In the working world we need to find ways to reaffirm and restrengthen relationships within our teams. Now that casual talks in the hallway, carpooling conversations, and lunchtime hangouts are not feasible, putting the focus on relationship is more important than ever. Mallory Penney and Reggie Harris shall lead your team through a number of playful activities that will get your team feeling connected during this disconnected time. As the old adage goes, you can learn more about someone in an hour of play than you can in a year of conversation.


At Better Together Labs, we believe that the foundation of any effective, mission-driven organization is built upon the factors of open communication, generosity of spirit, and a sense of mutual dependability amongst its members. And at the heart of each of these are the core elements of trust and connection. Our mission is to help teams work, create, and communicate better together by engaging them in ways that strengthen that trust and connection through play. Interested in learning more about setting up a Virtual Recess for your team? Reach out to Better Together Labs today at today!

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