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Build community.
Boost engagement.
Level up your team.

Spark a psychologically safe culture of innovation and growth.

Shouldn't work be a place you wanna be?

Teams are feeling disconnected, disengaged and just plain burnt out.

It's been hard to find a partner to help boost growth and productivity in your remote team.


Your trusted partner in building more effective teams

At Better Together Labs, we've worked as leaders in a range of industries, from education and mission-driven non-profits, to high tech, including the likes of Google and Dropbox.

We've seen it all -- we have first-hand knowledge of what makes highly effective teams tick and what gets in the way of building a stellar team.

This isn't your typical (and often boring) workshop. The reason many of these "team-building" workshops fail is because they don't provide the specific tools needed for a diverse group of individuals to communicate effectively, build upon each other's ideas, and stay agile and responsive in the face of changing circumstances.

We work at the intersection of psychology, play, and the "teaming" framework developed by Harvard researcher Amy Edmondson. Our background, experience, and unique approach get your people coalescing into a high-performing team.

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How to level up your team


1.  Schedule a call

We'll discuss your needs and schedule. Then, we craft a workshop specifically for your group.


2.  Enjoy your workshop

Your team will learn to implement new frameworks and tools in our fun, experiential workshops.


3.  Realize the benefits

See an immediate boost to engagement, trust, and effectiveness on your team.

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Let's connect - Send us a short message below with your name, email address, and the organization you're with, and we'll reach out to you shortly to set up a brief discovery call.

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