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Proactive Pinot Party

Activity Instructions

Word Ball

1. Establish an order. Rename yourself with your number in front of your name. Remeber who comes before you.

2. The idea is to catch the word from the previous person, repeat it, then throw the first word that comes to mind to the next person.

What are you doing?

1. Participant 1 starts by doing an activity. 

2. Participant 2 asks “What are you doing?”

3. Participant 1 replies by saying anything other than what they are actually doing.

4. Participant 2 engages in the activity named by Participant 1.

5. Participant 3 now asks “What are you doing?” and the cycle continues. 

Remember that trip?

1. Imagine you are reminiscing about a vacation to Napa

2. Person with longer hair goes first. (Person A) They say, "Remember that trip to Napa?"

3. Person B says "yes, and..." and adds a made up sentence about the trip

4. Person A says "yes, and..." and adds another made up sentence about the trip that builds on the line before

5. This continues going until either person wants to end the story by saying "Yes, and next time I'll bring the rubber ducky".


Group Counting

1. The group will be counting in numerical order, one person at a time, starting with 1. Any person can jump in with the next number.

2. Whenever two people two people say the same number at the same time, the group resets and starts back at 1.

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