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Take on this school year with confidence!

In this hands-on, interactive workshop on Zoom, join Better Together Labs as we explore fun and creative activities that foster engagement, provide a sense of community, and leave your learners looking forward to more. In these challenging times, educators have been struggling to figure out how to transform stale, online synchronous meetings with their learners into dynamic and interactive spaces where trust is built and true relationships are formed. Because of the breakout success of our workshops, we are now able to offer the first module in our "Creative and Playful Ways to Engage Learners Online" series for FREE! Join the thousands of educators from all over the world who have participated in our workshops and left feeling inspired and confident to take on this new and markedly different kind of school year.

Workshop highlights include:

  • How to use online conferencing platforms (including Zoom) effectively in a classroom setting

  • Icebreakers and activities that spark imagination

  • How to create a space for participants to connect and laugh with each other

  • Interactive discussion of workshop learnings in collaboration with other educators

  • Using Breakout Rooms to engage all types of learners

Learn how Better Together Labs can help you take on the new school year!

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What educators just like you have been saying about our workshops:


  • This was the BEST ONLINE WORKSHOP I have attended. And I've been to a lot. Thank you for surprising me with the excellent quality! I'm SO HAPPY!

  • Thank you. That was the most fun, educational Zoom call I have ever attended.

  • I loved the high energy of both presenters and the transparency of each activity. We did a lot of new things that I had not done before.

  • I appreciate the increase in self-confidence you have given me that takes away the fear of creating zoom classroom meetings. Thank you. You have made an important difference during trying times.

  • The excellent facilitation; the calm sharing of expertise. So much less stress here than other online trainings I've had this summer. Here, I experience hope. Thank you!

  • This was truly FANTASTIC and one of the most useful and enjoyable Zoom sessions that I have attended. It would be incredible to have continued learning opportunities with you or a way to allow our teachers to learn with you. Thank you for your work!

  • Great energy and clear instructions. Thank you!

  • I learned so many fun, practical, engaging strategies and activities that I can use with my students and that I can share with my teachers. I loved how clearly everything was explained and how much fun you made the learning.

BONUS! One of the many activities you will learn in our workshops.

Come to our workshop to learn how you can adapt the activity in the video below to your specific educational goals.