Boost engagement and joy in the online classroom

We train teachers to thrive as leaders who spark connection, collaboration, and creativity.

✓  Help students feel safe in turning on their cameras

✓  Know your students better

✓  Spark more laughter and light bulb moments

Every teacher should feel that they are making an impact.

A common refrain among teachers during these times goes something like this:
"I'm working harder than I ever have to feel like I'm the worst teacher I've ever been."
And despite their efforts:
  • Students aren't turning on their mics or cameras.
  • They are more disengaged from learning than ever.
  • Teachers are feeling disconnected from their students.
  • They want to build community, but don't how to online.
It's hard for teachers to tell if they're making an impact. It's no wonder that great teachers are leaving the profession.
We understand.

We give teachers the tools to be successful during these times

Build relationships

Make the virtual classroom a space to connect, laugh, and learn together.

Spark growth

Bolster social-emotional learning while fulfilling academic learning standards.

Make a difference

Create a memorable classroom experience that will leave a lasting impact

These educators and school leaders are glad they chose BETTER TOGETHER LABS

Thanks again for the training yesterday with us at California State University, East Bay.  I could tell by the smiles that the faculty found play in the teambuilding.


We're gearing up for an incredibly challenging next two weeks.  Our time yesterday was a great way to energize us as we learned new activities and tools.


Chair of the Department of Educational Psychology,

California State University, East Bay

This was truly FANTASTIC and one of the most useful and enjoyable Zoom sessions that I have attended. It would be incredible to have continued learning opportunities with you or a way to allow our teachers to learn with you. Thank you for your work!

 — SUSAN W.,

K-8 Assistant Principal

This was the BEST ONLINE WORKSHOP I have attended. And I've been to a lot. Thank you for surprising me with the excellent quality!


I learned so many fun, practical, engaging strategies and activities that I can use with my students. I loved how clearly everything was explained and how much fun you made the learning. I'm SO HAPPY!

 — KAYLA S.,

Third Grade Teacher

Blue light bulbs.png

Our approach

Our framework draws from the fields of Social-Emotional Learning and Applied Improvisation. Improvisational methods, principles and skills can be used to teach any subject matter. It is an effective, experiential learning framework that inspires, educates, and entertains.
In our workshops, you will gain tools and activities that you can use right away in the online classroom. We focus on strengthening areas key to promoting engagement, relationship-building, and growth in the online classroom:
  • Cooperation and Generosity
  • Flexibility and Acceptance
  • Creativity and Spontaneity

How to bring our workshops to your teachers

1.  Schedule a call

We'll discuss your needs and schedule. Then, we craft a workshop specifically for your group.

2.  Enjoy your workshop

Your teachers will learn how to implement our framework and tools in our fun, interactive workshops.

3.  Realize the benefits

See an immediate boost to engagement, joy, and achievement levels in your online classroom

Get started - Send us a short message below with your name, email address, and the organization you're with, and we'll reach out to you shortly to set up a brief discovery call!

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